Thesis Support Up and Running

The Writing Workshop is now running a thesis writing support slack for students working on MA theses, honors theses, and senior essays. This will be a student space (no thesis advisors/faculty please) as our commitment at the Workshop is to provide peer-to-peer support specifically. I will be running the slack with our trained thesis writing mentors and Ford Fellow.

  • We will continue as planned to hold our Spring Break Bootcamp on Sunday, 3/22 from 9:30am-4:30pm EST virtually using this slack.
  • We will continue weekly write-ins virtually every Sunday, 10am-12pm EST and Wednesday, 8pm-10pm EST on slack.
  • We will use share resources via the slack and support students through the final weeks of thesis writing.

If you need more information, please contact Lauren Silber at the Shapiro Writing Center at

Spring Thesis Boot Camp 3/22

The Writing Workshop will be hosting one final Writing Retreat on Sunday, March 22nd from 9-4:30pm at the Shapiro Writing Center. Register for the event through this link. The Writing Workshop will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, caffeine, individual consultations, and timed writing and break sessions.

For more information, go to or write to

Writing Mentor Applications Due Feb 5

As many of you know, the Writing Workshop provides students with semester long writing support through our Writing Mentor Program. Students earn .25 credit for meeting with their mentors every week, and these meetings cover a range of topics related to writing from time management, to interpreting feedback, to clarifying sentence structure. If you think you would benefit from a one-on-one writing mentorship this semester, please submit an application by Feb. 5th by noon (see flyer). If you have any questions, please reach out to the Writing Workshop at

Library Workshops for Senior Thesis/Essay Writers

The library is offering workshops on research sources and interlibrary loan and other services for seniors writing a thesis or an essay. Sessions will be offered on Monday 9/23, Tuesday 9/24, Wednesday 9/25, and Thursday 9/26 at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 each day (with one exception: no session 3:00 Wednesday). No need to sign up ahead of time. Choose a date and time convenient for you and join a group for a 45 minute info session in Olin Library in the Develin Room (room 204, beside the Art Library space on the second floor by the big stairs in the front of the building). Attendees will be granted expanded interlibrary loan privileges.

Apply for a Writing Mentor

Have you ever wanted a personal writing collaborator? Someone who would meet with you privately to help you with your writing?

Your Writing Mentor will work with you on your particular writing concerns, whether you need help generating ideas, structuring your essay, improving sentence clarity and grammar, or managing your time. As mentors and mentees meet on a weekly basis, this program is designed for students who enjoy regular collaboration. If you participate, you will enroll in a .25 credit tutorial and have a peer assigned to meet with you throughout the semester.

Writing mentors work with students of all writing abilities and in all disciplines.  All services are free.

To apply for a writing mentor for the Fall 2019 semester, please sign in to Google and fill out the online application here by Friday, September 13th at 9:00AM; we will let you know by Tuesday, September 17th, if we’ve been able to pair you with a mentor. All matched mentees will be expected to attend our Mentee Reception on Thursday, September 19th at 4:30PM, held on the Patio at the Shapiro Center for Writing, 116 Mt. Vernon St. Please contact Ford Fellow Isabel Steckel at or 860-685-3125 if you have any questions or concerns.

Mesa de Español

Open to all the Wesleyan community
Led by native speakers

Every weekday
12-1 PM

USDAN, table on the “Quiet Side”, near the back (look for the sign)

Apply for a Writing Mentor

Are you anxious about writing academic papers? Do you want to develop your writing skills over the course of the semester? Would you benefit from having a peer tutor dedicated to helping you with your assignments on a consistent basis? If so, apply for a Writing Mentor! Mentors are Wesleyan students majoring in a variety of disciplines who are specifically trained to help peers with their writing. If matched with a Mentor, you will meet with them once a week for 45-minutes and work on your assignments at any stage in the writing process. This service is completely free, and successfully matched mentees will be given 0.25 credits for working with a Writing Mentor.

Please apply here, by Friday, September 14 at 9:00 AM. You will be notified directly about your mentee status through email. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Ford Fellow, Dache Rogers, at

Meet Your Peer Advisors

My name is Jackie Leete 2019, and I am a returning Academic Peer Advisor! I am a senior from Fairfield, Iowa majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior. However, I am not only interested in all things STEM, I also love art and the social sciences, so I have taken a variety of studio art classes at Wes, as well as psychology and sociology courses. My favorite extracurricular activity is Wesleyan Science Outreach, in which I volunteer weekly with a group of Wesleyan students at local elementary schools to teach science lessons. Some of my other interests are baking pies and hiking the national parks. I am looking forward to working with the class of 2022 (and transfers!) during New Student Orientation, and meeting with students throughout the year. If you have any specific questions about Wes, or any general questions/concerns about your transition to college, please reach out to me at

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Chung 2020, and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I’m double majoring in Government & Economics as well as minoring in Data Analysis. I transferred from New York University after my freshman year and also took a gap semester doing internships in Hong Kong while enrolled at Wes. I love the vibrancy and variety of activities that exist on campus! During my time here, I’ve been involved with the ACLU, Wesleyan Refugee Project, and the international student organization Pangea. I also enjoy dancing and have done dance shows with TERP and Wesleyan’s Kpop Dance Group. This upcoming academic year, I’ll also be doing Wesleyan’s Non-Profit Board Residency Program, a unique program that places students on the board of a local non-profit. In the past, I’ve helped with research at the Wesleyan Media Project, which analyses political TV advertisements, and the Traveler’s Lab, which conducts medieval research with data analysis. Feel free to email me about anything I’ve mentioned above or general questions about college at I look forward to welcoming everyone to Wesleyan in-person in the fall!

Apply for a Spring Writing Mentor (Deadline 2/5)

A Writing Mentor is a writing tutor who works steadily with a student for a full semester. Students like the arrangement because it feels private, and the mentor and student often develop a close working relationship.

The deadline for students to apply for a mentor is Monday, February 5th, at 9:00AM.

Students can find complete information on the “Apply for a Writing Mentor” page on the Writing Workshop Web site, along with an application form.

Shuttle to Bookstore for Texbook Buybacks

A daytime shuttle to the bookstore to facilitate textbook buybacks will run from 11am-7pm on Thursday and Friday, and from 11am-4pm on Saturday.  The shuttle will be making a continuous loop.  For specific pickup requests call 860.398.1384.

McNair Program Info Session, 10/16, 6-7pm

McNair Program Informational Session
Monday, October 16 6pm-7pm in Usdan 108

The Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program is designed to assist students from underrepresented groups, including students who are first-generation to attend college and low-income, to prepare for and successfully enroll in post-graduate programs, especially PhD programs. Participants must be US citizens or permanent residents and currently a 2nd or 3rd year student. Wesleyan’s program focuses on students majoring in STEM fields. McNair Fellows are eligible for summer research stipends to conduct research for 10 weeks with a Wesleyan faculty member, to receive a stipend during the academic year to continue their research as well as funding to attend professional conferences to present their research, GRE preparation, graduate school visits, and graduate school application assistance.

Learn more about McNair and meet with current McNair students at an informational session on Monday, October 16, from 6pm-7pm in Usdan 108.

Apply for a Writing Mentor

Writing can be scary, but let us help you start the new year out strong! Apply for a Writing Mentor! A Writing Mentor will meet with you privately each week to help you with writing in all of your classes. Mentors are trained to help you at all stages of the writing process, whether it be brainstorming, structure, grammar, style, or time management. By having a mentor, you will be able to continuously improve your writing throughout the semester. Start out strong, and end even stronger!

We work with students of all writing abilities and in all disciplines, and all services are, of course, free.

Please apply here, by Monday, September 18th at 8:00 AM. We will notify new mentees by the 20th.

We look forward to working with you!

Why Foreign-Language Study is a Good Idea for Every Student

We assume if you have reasons to learn a particular language (to study, work, travel, or live abroad or for resources not fully available in English translation), you already know why it is important. Here are reasons to study any language besides English or whatever you regard as your native language:

  1. Many employers, professional schools, and graduate schools see serious study of a second language (potentially, a double-major) as evidence that you can (a) put yourself more easily in others’ (colleagues’, clients’) shoes and (b) communicate more effectively even in English.
  1. You will never know your own language and culture more deeply than by studying another–by looking at it from the outside. Learning to thrive with the unfamiliar is often linked to creativity in many intellectual and professional contexts.
  1. Language learning teaches you to think more clearly and sharpens your brain’s ability to make sense of the world.
  1. Deep study of another culture through its language brings home how much of value will never be made available in English.
  1. Puzzling out another language and culture will help you understand (and empathize with) the difficulties of non-anglophone immigrants, colleagues, clients, and travelers in the U.S., even if you never leave American shores.
  1. Learning another language well makes it easier to learn anylanguage in the future. Even if you never need this, the experience–especially if you study abroad–will make you far more confident in your ability to face any intellectual or professional challenge.
  1. Foreign-language courses fit easily into study plans: offered on highly varied schedules, they provide a stimulating (and fun!) break from problem-set driven, heavy-reading or arts courses.

Wesleyan offers:

Arabic language and culture:
American Sign Language:
Classics (Greek and Latin):
East Asian Studies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean):
German studies:
Hebrew language and culture:
Romance Languages & Literatures (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish):
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies program:
Any other language:

Application Information for Academic and NSO Peer Advisors Now Available

Academic Peer Advisors

The Deans’ Office is looking for talented and motivated students to become Academic Peer Advisors for the 2017-20178 academic year. Academic Peer Advisors are juniors and seniors who work during New Student Orientation (NSO) and throughout the academic year to support Wesleyan’s faculty advising program and enhance student access to academic resources. Academic Peer Advisors will receive training, give individualized peer advice and facilitate workshops for groups of students regarding metacognitive learning strategies, time management, public speaking, study, and exam preparation strategies. The Academic Peer Advisor position description and application can be found at:

NSO Peer Advisors

The Deans’ Office is looking for talented and motivated students to become NSO Peer Advisors for the 2017-2018 academic year. NSO Peer Advisors are sophomores, juniors and seniors who work during New Student Orientation to support Wesleyan’s faculty advising program and enhance student access to academic resources. The comprehensive position description and application can be found at: