Summer Sendoffs 2017

Welcome new students and their families to Wesleyan at an upcoming Summer Sendoff in your area! These casual gatherings are a great opportunity to show the new cardinals what makes Wes special: you! So come ready to celebrate the summer, and say hello to the great class of 2021.

Event details and registration can be found on the Summer Sendoff website, and below.

Atlanta, GA, June 20
Austin, TX, July 16
Bay Area, CA, July 16
Boston, MA, July 19
Chicago, IL, August 15
Fairfield County, CT, August 10
Hong Kong, China, July 7
Los Angeles, CA, July 15
Mamaroneck, NY, July 20
New York, NY, August 3
Philadelphia, PA, August 3
Ridgewood, NJ, July 26
Seattle, WA, August 3
Seoul, Korea, July 1
Washington, D.C., TBD
Worcester, MA, July 20

Added locations, event details, and registration can be found on the Summer Sendoff website.


Contact Jenna Starr in University Relations at

We hope to see you there!

Summer Session Registration – Still Open

Summer 2017 classes include Intro to Financial Accounting, Bio, Chem, International Politics, Writing with Anne Greene, and more.  More information is available in WesMaps and on the Summer Session website.

To register:

  1. Print and complete the registration form (EP>Student>Summer Session>Registration Form). 
  2. Meet with your faculty advisor to have them sign your form.
  3. Bring your completed form with a check for payment to the Summer Session office (74 Wyllys) during business hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm). You can also put the payment on your student account before bringing your form to the office.

 Session schedule and deadlines are online at

If you need any additional assistance, please contact the Summer Session office at 860-685-2005 or