Course Withdrawal Deadline 5/3 at 5pm

Screen-Shot-2014-09-24-at-11.39.14-AM-600x464The last day to withdraw from full-semester and second-quarter classes for the Spring 2017 semester is Wednesday, May 3.  Completed forms are due in the Registrar’s Office by 5:00 p.m. and must include the following signatures: instructor, faculty advisor, and class dean.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course:

  • Do use this time to talk to your professors, your advisors, and me about your concerns. If you can’t make my drop-ins, please email me at or call me at x2757 to schedule an appointment.
  • Do make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources available to you.
  • Do get the signatures of your instructor and advisor on your drop/add form. I cannot sign for either without his or her permission, so please save yourself the trouble of waiting to see me during drop-ins just for me to tell you that.
  • Do not wait until Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. to see me or you may find yourself waiting in a very long line!

Drop-in Hours: M 2-3, Tu 3-4, W 5-7, Th 11-12, F 2-4

Tips and Strategies to Prepare for the End of the Semester

Here are some tips and strategies that students use to prepare for final exams and other academic assessments.

Overall Strategies

  • “It gets to the point where I know I have to act like I am in a tunnel.” (Joey ‘18)
  • “I’m trying to figure that out. My strategy is to pay attention in class and try to understand what’s happening when learning it and then remembering it is a lot easier.” (Avi ‘20)
  • “Whenever you get the chance, put any effort you can into studying. Don’t let it build up. Don’t wait for midterms. Be on the lookout at least a week ahead of time.” (Ryan ‘18)
  • “I look over all my notes and my syllabus to make sure I’m not missing any part of the class and to make sure that I at least know something about each portion of the syllabus. Then I just sort of spend time thinking about it and hope that I do well…and sleep.” (Nathaniel ‘19)

Study Places

  • “I like to be in a quiet place where I don’t feel distracted. I also like eating a good meal before studying so you’re not distracted by hunger the whole time.”  (Sarafina ‘20)
  • “Vary your study locations. Just get up and move every couple hours so you don’t get tired.” (Campbell ‘19)

Time Management

  • “Plan your time wisely. Make a daily schedule and a weekly schedule of all the things that you should be doing so you are using your time most efficiently. Also like not forgetting to get a meal and enough sleep. And to take care of yourself.” (Steven ‘18)

Study Techniques

  • “Always carry a highlighter everywhere you go…put it in your back pocket.” (Mackenzie ‘19)
  • “I like to listen to really good music, like lots of rap…it has a steady beat, a set tempo for studying.” (Parichat ‘20)
  • “I use index cards, rewrite my notes, and review a lot ahead of time and as you go along.” (Valerie ‘20)
  • “I study in separate chunks with breaks rather than cramming. You should test yourself; don’t just look at the notes. Anticipate questions that will be on the exam; don’t just look at your study guide and say Ah! I know this, and then formulate it into a question.”  (Kelly ‘17)
  • “Because I am a sociology major, I read a lot of social theory. I have different color codes for each color of highlighter that indicate special things in the text and make it easy to hold onto, like words like therefore, hence, thus, or for questions or definitions. I use colors that contrast two things.”  (Grace ’17)

General Advice

  • “Don’t study with your friends.” (Willa ‘19)
  • “Laugh a lot with your friends, take breaks with Netflix, and workout.” (CiCi ‘18)


  • Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester & 4th Quarter Classes – May 3, 2017
  • Classes End – May 10, 2017
  • Reading Period – May 11 – 15
  • Final Exams – May 16 – 19
  • University Housing Closes – May 20

These are terrific insights.  To learn more about the ways that the Class Deans Office can help you, please stop in during drop-in hours or schedule an individual meeting to see us.

To meet with an Academic Peer Advisor for studying or test-taking tips or time management strategies, go to

First-Generation Student End-of-the-Year Celebration Reception 5/4

The Office of Student Affairs, The Office of Equity and Inclusion, and the 2020 Class Council would like invite all first-generation students in every class year to a reception in celebration of the end of the academic year in Woodhead Lounge on Thursday, May 4, from 4:15-5:30pm.  If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP through this form:


CEAS Application Deadline Extended to Friday 4/21

The College of East Asian Studies has extended its major application deadline to Friday, April 21.

If you are interested in applying to major in the College of East Asian Studies, please (a) fill out this application form  and then (b) declare the major using the major declaration form in your student portal.  You are eligible to apply if you have taken at least one CEAS class, including language.

While CEAS does allow students to declare after their first year, our major is designed as a three year major, and you will have a better experience if you can join your fellow majors starting in your first year (e.g., you will be invited to our end of the year party).

Good luck with the last few weeks of classes, and I hope to welcome some of you to the CEAS community.

Best regards,

Mary Alice Haddad
Chair, College of East Asian Studies
Professor of Government

Announcing the 2017 GLASS Prize

The GLASS (Gay, Lesbian, and Sexuality Studies) Prize is awarded for the best research and writing on a subject in queer, trans*, LGBT, or sexuality studies.

The prize is open to Wesleyan undergraduate students in all classes; senior essays and theses are preferred. The award includes no cash benefit, but the winner’s name will be published in the 2017 Commencement booklet.

Entries must be submitted in hard copy by 4pm on Thursday, April 20 to the Center for the Americas (look for the bin labeled “GLASS Prize” in the downstairs hallway).

If you have any questions, please contact the GLASS Prize chair, Prof. Margot Weiss (

More info at:

Register for Housing Selection by Noon on Monday

Please remember that in order to participate for housing selection you need to register before noon on Monday April 17, 2017.  The housing selection website can be found in your e-portfolio under “Residential Life”. You will need to accept the housing contract and lead paint agreement.  Once you have done that, you must register as group (this includes individuals which are considered “groups of one”).  To do so, click on the “Room Selection Nights” link in “Explore Housing” tab in the Housing Selection site.  At the bottom of the page you will find the links for registering a group. 

ResLife will host Milk & Cookies: Housing Selection Drop-In Q & A session tomorrow (4/14) from 2-5pm. If you have questions stop by the ResLife Office, grab a cookie, and get some one on one assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact

Liliana Carrasquillo-Vasquez
Assistant Director of Residential Life

The Interfaith Council is Looking for New Members

The Interfaith council is currently seeking multiple students to serve on the council board, starting Fall 2017. Preference will be given to freshman, who can begin serving from their sophomore year through their senior year.

Students from all religious or spiritual backgrounds that seek to participate in the Interfaith Council are welcome to apply.


The Interfaith Council seeks to promote greater inter-religious awareness and understanding, cooperation and community at Wesleyan among the diverse religious and spiritual groups and individuals on campus.  We seek to accomplish this through relationships and programming designed to encourage interfaith experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, community service, and social action. The members of the Interfaith Council recognize religious diversity as a gift to be embraced rather than a challenge to be feared or avoided, an attempt to form coalitions without erasure.

WasteNot Application is Open

Are you interested in collecting STUFF? And sorting and storing said stuff? Want to be part of a great team and help carry on one of Wesleyan’s greatest traditions? WANT TO STAY FOR SENIOR WEEK? Then apply to work for Waste Not! Waste Not! is Wesleyan’s student-run tag sale that happens at the beginning of every year! In the spring, you’ll be helping collect donations from students moving out, sorting and storing it for the summer so that the sale can go on without a hitch in the fall! You get to meet and work with a great group of students and stay on campus for senior week! If you’re interested, fill out this form: