Departmental Honors

If you plan to be a candidate for Honors in your senior year, it is important to know the following:

1. Know your department’s policy regarding thesis tutorials; most require two consecutive semesters of thesis tutorial. Be sure that you register for the tutorial that your department requires of Honors candidates; for most students this will be DEPT409 in Fall 2019 and DEPT410 in Spring 2020.You must add the tutorial online during the Drop/Add period each semester. If you intend to submit your thesis for honors consideration in more than one department, indicate that on your tutorial enrollment request form.

2. Once confirmed by your department(s), each candidate registered for the appropriate tutorial is considered an Honors candidate by the Honors Committee. Students who are confirmed will be notified in early October.

Special Cases: Those who will complete course work in December 2019, candidates for Honors in General Scholarship, and University majors must contact Susan Krajewski. Students who complete their studies in December are now required to submit their honors thesis on the first day of classes in the following spring semester. So December completions who are members of the Class of 2020 must register their thesis by 4pm on January 23, 2020. For students interested in pursuing Honors in General Scholarship, a comprehensive application process must be followed. Complete information about this process is available at Spring applications for General Scholarship were due Friday, April 26, 2019. The late submission application deadline to pursue Honors in General Scholarship is 4pm on Friday, September 13, 2019.

Departmental Honors: To receive Honors upon graduation, all candidates must fulfill the Honors requirements of the major department. Be sure that you know what your department requires. Criteria for supervising and evaluating candidates rests solely with the academic department. Follow your department’s procedure to obtain a tutor. If you are pursuing honors in more than one department, the honors decisions are made independently so you may receive honors from one department and credit only from the other.

The Jellybean Papers: Further considerations on writing the senior thesis and answers to many questions are available in the Jellybean Papers (known as such because they were once printed on brightly-colored paper). Copies of the 2019/2020 version may be found online at:

New this year: All honors theses will now be bound double-sided. Please make sure to pay special attention to the new margin requirements and other formatting instructions in the Jellybean Papers to ensure your final thesis PDF adheres to all standards and expectations for double-sided manuscripts.

Also beginning this fall there is a new thesis carrel application process in place on a trial basis. In an effort to ensure that all students receive an appropriate thesis study space, the Library is initiating shared carrels. If you would like more information about this new trial process, see the following article that was published in the Argus in April 2019.

Important deadlines for 2020 Honors candidates:

September 2, 2019 Thesis Carrel Applications open in WesPortal. The application link is in the Library bucket.

September 13, 2019: Final day of Drop/Add registration for the Fall tutorial. Register online in Fall 2019 during Drop/Add for the first half of your thesis (DEPT409).

September 13, 2019: Study carrel applications due by 4pm. Contact Jessie Steele in Olin Library for more information.

September 24, 2019: Students can check their WesPortal to see what carrel assignment they received if they applied.

September 30, 2019: Students must pick up their thesis carrel keys by 4pm at the Olin Reserve Desk.

January 23, 2020: Early thesis registration deadline for December Completions.

February 5, 2020: Final day of Drop/Add registration for the Spring tutorial. Register online in Spring 2020 during Drop/Add for the second half of your thesis (DEPT410).

April 14, 2020: Theses due by 4pm (no extensions possible)

April 28, 2020: Department recommendations due. All performances and exhibitions completed.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Krajewski, Senior Associate Registrar, at or x2738.

Senior Packet 2020: Preparing for Graduation

This document contains important information about the graduation process and Wesleyan’s graduation requirements. As the you choose courses and build a program of study for your senior year, it is essential that you know exactly where you stand in terms of fulfilling Wesleyan’s graduation requirements so that everything goes smoothly when degree certification takes place in the Spring. Please review the contents carefully and contact Dean Phillips immediately (, 860.685.2757) if you have any questions or concerns.

Graduation does not just happen; you must make it happen! It is important that you fully understand Wesleyan’s graduation requirements and that you are able to interpret your academic record in light of these requirements. Remember, you are responsible for your own graduation and must fulfill all graduation requirements by the end of the Spring 2020 semester in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony in May 2020.

  • Preparing for Graduation: This explains Wesleyan’s graduation requirements, the Major Certification Form, the Credit Analysis Report, oversubscription, December Completion, and honors.  Read it!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Senior Year: Answers to common questions about graduation requirements and the graduation process.
  • Academic History: Can be found in your WesPortal in the “Student Toolbox–>Academics” bucket.
  • Major Certification Form: Used to identify and track the courses you have taken and will be taking to complete your major, must be approved by an authorized advisor in your major department. Can be found in WesPortal in the “Student Toolbox–>Academics” bucket.
  • Credit Analysis ReportReviews your academic record in light of oversubscription and monitors your progress towards meeting graduation requirements. Can be found in WesPortal in the “Student Toolbox–>Academics” bucket.
  • Honors and Thesis Information: Deadlines and other important information for students undertaking honors theses.