Summer Session Financial Aid Deadline 3/1

The deadline to apply for Summer Session aid before registration opens is March 1 at 12:00 midnight.  Summer Session registration opens Thursday, March 8 and students will get award emails on Tuesday, March 6.  Students who need aid but don’t apply by that deadline can still apply before April 20, but won’t get awards until April 24 at which point they can register for classes.  For more information, contact:

Mary Kelly
Senior Associate Director for Finance and Administrative Services
Continuing Studies

“Natural History in the Age of Humans” 3/1

Kirk Johnson, the Sant Director of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and formerly first curator of the Wesleyan museum, will be speaking on “Natural History in the Age of Humans” in Shanklin 107 on March 1st from 7:30-8:30pm, followed by a catered reception at Woodhead Lounge (Exley 184).

“Natural history museums represent a fundamental tool to understand and preserve Earth’s natural and cultural heritage. The public perception of museums as educational experiences masks their deeper value to human society as the creators and keepers of our knowledge of the natural and cultural world. With a rapidly growing world population, food insecurity, infectious diseases, and invasive species are problems that may find their solution in the genomics of biodiversity housed in museum collections. Minerals, meteorites, and fossils are the physical evidence of the planet’s history, climate, biological evolution, and resource base. In an increasingly digital era, museums are one of the last bastions of the real thing. “

Workshop on Disability Disclosure in the Employment Process 3/1

The Gordon Career Center is partnering with Accessibility Services to offer a workshop on Disability Disclosure in the Employment Process.

The workshop will discuss questions such as:

  • Should I disclose my disability?
  • If I decide to, then when should I disclose?
  • How can I professionally handle the disclosure and request for accommodations?

The workshop will be held on Thursday, March 1st, at Noon, in Boger Hall 112.

Register for the workshop on HANDSHAKE EVENTS:

Apply for the Honor Board

Honor Board Leadership Positions for the Class of 2020
Applications now available
Due Friday, March 9  

The Honor Code is integral to a vibrant and thriving community of learning, research and creativity.  It is affirmed by every Wesleyan student each semester.  Alleged violations of this Code are adjudicated by the Honor Board, a group of juniors and seniors serving two-year terms.  The tenure of applicants selected this spring runs from the Fall 2018 semester through the Spring 20120 semester.

If you are interested in helping to uphold the “intellectual honesty and academic integrity”* of the Wesleyan community, please complete and submit the application for this leadership position by Friday, March 9 at 5 p.m.  Interviews for the three open positions will be held the week after Spring Break.  Check out the Honor Board process and responsibilities at

*Student Handbook 2017-2018, The Honor Code, Introduction, p. 4.

Apply for the Community Standards Board

The Community Standards Board (formerly the Student Judicial Board),  is seeking to fill vacant positions with students from the Class of 2020. As a member of the CSB, you play a major role in caring for not only the student beside you but the Wesleyan community as a whole.  This role will provide you with an opportunity to engage in inspiring and critical conversations, where you will develop skills applicable to both your time at Wesleyan and the larger world.   A description of the duties of the Community Standards Board can be found in the Student Handbook at

The position is a two-year appointment beginning in the Fall 2018 semester and continuing through the Spring 2020 semester.  Please complete and submit your application by Friday, March 9, 2018 at 5:00pm.  In addition, please ask two faculty or staff members to provide a brief (3 to 5 sentences) description of the traits that will make you a good candidate for a CSB position. These should be sent to Karen Karpa, Clerk of the Community Standards Board, or by campus mail to the Dean of Students Office, North College, First Floor, Room 108.

To apply for a position please click on the link below:


Grading Mode Deadline 2/21

For courses with a “Student Option” grading mode, the deadline to change the grading mode is Wednesday, 2/21, at 5:00p.m.

To review the grading modes for the courses in your schedule, login to WesPortal and click on “Class Schedule.”  The “Grade” column will indicate the current grading mode for the course.  For courses that are “Student Option,” a drop down menu is available through which the grading mode can be changed.

A paper form is no longer required to change grading mode.

Join the Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee

The annual Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards ceremony seeks to honor the late Dean Edgar Beckham, whose dedication to social justice continues to positively impact the Wesleyan community. We aim to celebrate the students, faculty, staff, and members of the Middletown community whose efforts align with the ideals that guided his work. Our hope is that the recognition of these individuals will inspire other members of the community to commit to social justice work of their own.

To ensure that the ceremony is as successful as possible, the current members of the Edgar Beckham Planning Committee need full community participation. Here is how you can take part:

Join the Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee!

The Edgar  Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee is currently expanding. We are looking for motivated volunteers (particularly current freshmen and sophomores) to help make our annual banquet ceremony a success.

If you:

  • Care about social justice,
  • Want to make sure that students, faculty, and staff are recognized for good work they
  • are doing, as they deserve to be
  • Have any interest in event planning

Please fill out the this form so that we can get to work!

Interested in the Psychology Major?–Careers in Mental Health 2/12

Prof. Chuck Sanislow, will discuss options for careers in mental health-related professions, including how best to apply for clinical psychology and related programs. Guide to Applying to Graduate School. We welcome as our guests Pamela Grande. Sharon Castonguay, Jacob Gonzalez, and Ruthann from the Gordon Career Center.  Pizza will be provided!

Mon., Feb. 12th (Mon.), 12:20 – 1:20 pm, Judd 116

Psychology majors Manual:
Prospective student email after submitting psyc major request:


Major Declaration Opens 2/8

The Major Declaration System will open on Thursday, February 8, after the close of Drop/Add.  To initiate the declaration process, login to WesPortal, open “Academics,” and click on “Major/Minor/Certificate Declaration.”  Select your intended major from the drop down menu and click “Submit Major.”  At this point, you will be prompted to complete the Pre-Major Advisor Feedback Survey.

Depending on your choice of major, the department you have chosen may ask you to submit additional material before you are accepted into the major.  Once you are accepted, you will be assigned a new faculty advisor within your major department.  You must be accepted into a major by the end of the spring semester.  A second (or third) major/minor/certificate may be declared now or in any subsequent semester (with the exception of Psychology, which must be declared by the end of the sophomore spring semester, which is the last day of classes).  A complete list of majors, minors, and certificates can be found at

If you have any questions or concerns about declaring a major, please contact Dean Phillips at to schedule an appointment.

For those of you who may be curious about the relationship between the one’s undergraduate major and one’s life and career, check out “Impact of Major on Career Path for 15600 Williams College Alums,” an interactive graphic created by Satyan Devadoss, a professor of Mathematics at Williams College.  The data is presented in the form of a circle, with undergraduate major fields represented on the left and career fields represented on the right.  Clicking on a major on the left will show the careers those undergraduates went into; clicking on a career on the right will show the majors that flowed into that field.

Have a Question About Alcohol or Drugs? Need Support?

Happy Spring Semester everyone! I want to remind students that my office is a resource for alcohol and other drug issues on campus.

I’m interested in speaking with any students who are worried about alcohol or other drug use (their own or their peers’) and anyone seeking information about the effect of substances on the body or mind. I am also happy to meet with students who have questions about the signs of addiction as well as anyone needing support for establishing or maintaining a sober life on Wesleyan’s campus.

All meetings are private and provided using a nonjudgmental and conversational approach.  Meetings are for the purpose of both education and support. During appointments I use an evidence based set of tools called motivational interviewing to help students evaluate for themselves the pros and cons of their current substance use patterns.  To set an appointment students can email me at I am on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Friday.

Pamela Mulready, MS, LPC, LADC
Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist, WesWell
Wesleyan University, Davison Health Center
860.685.3027 (Direct) 860.685.2470 (Main)
860.685.2471 (fax)

Want to become a Peer Advisor? Info Session 2/6

Interested in helping other students navigate academic life at Wesleyan next year? Consider applying to work as an Academic Peer Advisor (APA) or New Student Orientation Academic Peer Advisor (NSO APA)!

APA is a full-year position, helping students both individually and in groups with course selection, time management, study strategies, and other topics.

NSO APA is a short-term position during orientation, working with the APAs to welcome new students to Wesleyan and help them transition smoothly!

Applications are due Monday, February 12th at 5pm!

The current APAs are holding an info session Tuesday, February 6th at 7pm in Usdan 114 about the job description and application process. Come talk to current APAs about what the two positions are like! There will be snacks and refreshments.

Info session event:

APA job description:

APA application:

NSO APA job description:

NSO APA application: