4th Quarter Courses

For those of you who need to add credit, here is a list of 4th quarter courses.  To add a course to your schedule, send a group email to the instructor, your advisor, and your class dean with a request that you be added to the class.  With approval from the instructor and your advisor, you class dean will add you to the course.

Subject Catalog Section Title Instructor
CSPL  262 01 Intro to Soc Entrepreneurship Kingsley,Makaela Jane
E&ES  195 01 Sophomore Field Course Ku,Timothy C.W.
PHED  102 01 Tennis, Intermediate Fried,Michael A
PHED  104 01 Golf Potter,Christopher J.
PHED  106 02 Fitness, Beginning Black,Drew
PHED  107 01 Inner Game of Golf Woodworth,Mark A.
PHED  118 03 Strength Training, Intro Mullen,Kate
PHED  118 04 Strength Training, Intro Reilly,Joseph P.
PHED  119 02 Strength Training, Advanced Mullen,Kate
PHED  123 01 Lifeguard Training Solomon,Peter Gordon
PHED  138 02 Indoor Cycling McKenna,Jodi
PHED  139 01 Running for Fitness Reilly,Joseph P.
PHED  140 01 Racketlon Kerr,Shona
PHED  155 01 Plyometric Training DiCenzo,Daniel A
PHED  157 01 Pickleball Meredith,Eva Bergsten
PHED  159 01 Cross Training Fitness Black,Drew
QAC  154 01 Working with MATLAB Thayer,Kelly Marie
QAC  155 01 Working with Python Oleinikov,Pavel V
QAC  156 01 Working with R Kaparakis,Emmanuel I.
QAC  311 01 Longitudinal Data Analysis Kaparakis,Emmanuel I.

Honors Thesis Information Session 4/8

Monday, April 8, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
PAC 001

Refreshments will be provided

This session will provide information on dates, deadlines, paperwork, and logistics for all students who are interested in pursuing an Honors Thesis.


Reinhold Blümel, Professor of Physics and Chair of the Honors Committee
Andrew White, University Librarian
Susan Krajewski, Registrar’s Office and Honors Coordinator
David Phillips, Dean for the Class of 2020

Please RSVP through this link.

Summer Session Financial Aid Deadline 3/1

The deadline to apply for Summer Session aid before registration opens is March 1 at 12:00 midnight.  Summer Session registration opens Thursday, March 8 and students will get award emails on Tuesday, March 6.  Students who need aid but don’t apply by that deadline can still apply before April 20, but won’t get awards until April 24 at which point they can register for classes.  For more information, contact:

Mary Kelly
Senior Associate Director for Finance and Administrative Services
Continuing Studies