Meet Your Peer Advisors

My name is Jackie Leete 2019, and I am a returning Academic Peer Advisor! I am a senior from Fairfield, Iowa majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior. However, I am not only interested in all things STEM, I also love art and the social sciences, so I have taken a variety of studio art classes at Wes, as well as psychology and sociology courses. My favorite extracurricular activity is Wesleyan Science Outreach, in which I volunteer weekly with a group of Wesleyan students at local elementary schools to teach science lessons. Some of my other interests are baking pies and hiking the national parks. I am looking forward to working with the class of 2022 (and transfers!) during New Student Orientation, and meeting with students throughout the year. If you have any specific questions about Wes, or any general questions/concerns about your transition to college, please reach out to me at

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Chung 2020, and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I’m double majoring in Government & Economics as well as minoring in Data Analysis. I transferred from New York University after my freshman year and also took a gap semester doing internships in Hong Kong while enrolled at Wes. I love the vibrancy and variety of activities that exist on campus! During my time here, I’ve been involved with the ACLU, Wesleyan Refugee Project, and the international student organization Pangea. I also enjoy dancing and have done dance shows with TERP and Wesleyan’s Kpop Dance Group. This upcoming academic year, I’ll also be doing Wesleyan’s Non-Profit Board Residency Program, a unique program that places students on the board of a local non-profit. In the past, I’ve helped with research at the Wesleyan Media Project, which analyses political TV advertisements, and the Traveler’s Lab, which conducts medieval research with data analysis. Feel free to email me about anything I’ve mentioned above or general questions about college at I look forward to welcoming everyone to Wesleyan in-person in the fall!