3rd Annual Wes in the World Photo Contest

3rd Annual Wes in the World Photo Contest
Hosted by the Fries Center for Global Studies

Every year the Fries Center for Global Studies asks Wesleyan students who have had any global experience over the summer and/or previous semester to submit photographs to the annual Wes in the World Photo Contest, which usually takes place in the fall semester. This group includes, but is not limited to, study abroad returnees, international students, exchange students, fellowship recipients, and foreign language teaching assistants.

The purpose of the Wes in the World Photo Contest is to share stories about humanity across the globe through photographs within these five categories: contemporary issues, daily life, landscape, people, and sports. Our hope with these categories is to allow students to reflect on ways in which their global experience transcends borders by working towards peace and human rights, recognizing different realities of daily living, appreciating the wonderful landscapes of the earth, raising awareness about peoples and cultures outside of their ethnocentric lens, and connecting with others universally through sports and play. Students are not required to be professional photographers to participate. In fact, we are more interested in the stories behind the photographs than the photo-editing software they use. This year’s contestants shared global experiences from 51 cities across 24 countries.

We encourage the Wesleyan community to VOTE for the top 3 photos that speaks to you about transcending borders and boundaries.

Official Photo Contest Rules: 

  1. We encourage you to “Like” & “Share” as many of the photos as you wish on the FCGS Facebook Page, however official voting will take place online on http://bit.ly/wesintheworld.
  2. Photo voting is open to all Wesleyan students, staff, faculty, and alumni only (valid @wesleyan.eduemail address required).
  3. You may only vote once.
  4. Voting ends Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at 11:59 PM (EST)

How to cast a vote:

Voting will take place online on http://bit.ly/wesintheworld.

Step 1. Each photo has a number (#), which is required to vote.
Step 2. Click on the photo to read description and view photo number.
Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to cast your vote.
Step 4. You may vote up to 3 photos. Type in photo numbers of your top 3 choices. Click SUBMIT.

Encourage your friends and professors to vote for your photo! Voting ends Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at 11:59 PM (EST).

How to win:

Photos with the highest number of votes WINS a $50 gift card to the Wesleyan R. J. Julia Bookstore! A total of 5 Winners will be selected, one in each of the five categories:

  1. Best Photo of Contemporary Issues
  2. Best Photo of Daily Life
  3. Best Photo of Landscape
  4. Best Photo of People
  5. Best Photo of Sport

Photos from India

Emily Leff is studying abroad in India and has these pictures to share from Varanasi.

Both of these photos taken at Assi Ghat in Varanasi, India. The body of water in the photos is the Ganges River. The ghats are where people tend to hang out casually but also perform daily rituals (puja) in the mornings and evenings—the Ganga is considered holy water.

Photos from Spain

Hannah Reale is studying abroad in Spain and has these photos to share.

A concert photo from DCODE, taken on the campus of Universidad Complutense de Madrid. DCODE is an annual music festival that features artists from all over the world, usually including a few from the U.S. (this year, Bastille and Imagine Dragons drew huge crowds).

The gardens at Museo Sorolla. Museo Sorolla is a small museum in Madrid that shows off Joaquín Sorolla’s work, a Spanish Impressionist painter who was popular around the turn of the century. The building itself used to be Sorolla’s home.

Bilbao, taken at the Mirador de Artxanda. The vista at Mirador de Artxanda provides a great view of the whole city, and has a hilarious fence that says “BilbaoBilbaoBilbao” over and over again to keep people from getting too close to the edge.

Photos from Scotland

Emmy Hughes, who is studying abroad in Scotland, has these photos to share

A white house from the seaside fishing village of Anstruther, a few miles from the University of St. Andrews.

Rock formations by the water, also near Anstruther.

Sandstone rock formations by the sea in the town of St. Andrews.  Can you tell Emmy is an Earth & Environmental Sciences major?

The gorgeous west sands, where the running scene from Chariots of Fire was filmed.

Photos from Sweden and Denmark

Melisa Olgun, who is studying abroad in Denmark this semester, shares these photos from Scandanavia.

Taken at ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark. Entitled “Your rainbow panorama,” the work is a permanent installment at the art museum.

Taken in Malmö, Sweden, with her host sister, Amalie.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark a famous harbor and tourist spot.

2017 Wes in the World Photo Contest

The Fries Center for Global Studies is excited to announce its annual Wes in the World Photo Contest! This contest offers students who have studied or live abroad to share their experiences with our community. We invite anyone who falls within this group to submit photographs that you feel best represent your experiences abroad. In doing so, you will support the Fries Center for Global Studies in our efforts to recognize and celebrate cultural diversity.

Here is how you can participate.

You can find the contest rules, submission guidelines, and upload your photos on this website: http://bit.ly/2whqxB2  

This year we have 5 categories for photo submission, as displayed below:

  • People: Single pictures portraying individual or groups of people.
  • Nature and Architecture: Single pictures of flora, fauna, structures, or landscapes.
  • Daily Life: Single pictures documenting either the ordinary or extraordinary elements in everyday life not normally considered news.
  • Contemporary Issues: Single pictures documenting cultural, economic, environmental, political, or social issues.
  • Sports: Single pictures that capture individual or team sports.

Entry Deadline: September 30, 2017

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category at a special event, to be hosted in the Fries Center for Global Studies during International Education Week (November 13-17).

If you have any questions about the photo contest, please email Kia Lor (klor@wesleyan.edu).