Apply to be on the Title IX Student Advisory Committee

As co-chairs of the Student Advisory Committee, a student-based committee that advises the Wesleyan Administration on Policy and Education efforts related to Title IX, we believe that student voices matter. We recognize that many of you may be searching for a way to be increasingly involved in efforts to reduce sexual violence on our campus, especially considering the current climate. For those of you interested in focusing on this work throughout this academic year, we invite you to apply to join the Student Advisory Committee. Currently the committee has representation from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, so we are particularly interested in freshmen applications. Please note we will be evaluating applications regardless of class year.

The Title IX Student Advisory Committee (SAC) presents policy and education suggestions to the administration, raises awareness about ongoing efforts to reduce sexual assault on campus, and provides bi-annual updates to the Wesleyan community regarding this work.

If you are interested in joining the SAC, please complete an application at:

Applications are due at 12pm on Monday, November 14th and will be reviewed anonymously.

If you have any questions regarding the Title IX SAC please feel free to contact us.


Student Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
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Nila Ravi (