Apply for the Christopher Brodigan Award

Given the current global health crisis related to Covid-19, applications must be sensitive to health and safety protocols, including travel restrictions and public health guidelines.  The award committee encourages the submission of digital project proposals and those designed with physical distancing in mind or that include a flexible timeline during the award year (2020-2021).  See the CDC website for specific global travel guidelines (

African Studies is now accepting submissions from graduating seniors for the Brodigan Award, awarded every year in honor of Christopher Brodigan.  More information about the origin of the award is listed on the African Studies website:

Students from any discipline are encouraged to submit applications proposing a public service or research project in Africa.  Students may propose an individually designed project or to provide service in an educational institution, development organization, grassroots group, or non-governmental organization pursuing service work.  Research projects will be supported especially if they state the potential significance for the public interest in the country where the project will be carried out.

Several awards of up to approximately $3,000 each will be offered.  Recipients are required to submit reports on their projects once they are completed.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, April 28th by 11:55pm EST.

Interested students should contact Prof. Laura Ann Twagira at or Prof. Alice Hadler at

Application Instructions

Applications should include:

  1. A proposal (2 pages) which includes the following information:

    • Description of project

    • Detailed plan for carrying out the project

    • Identification and description of any sponsoring organization

    • The proposal should address concerns regarding health, safety, or any political sensitivity

  1. A detailed budget, including airfare and room and board costs (1 page)

  2. A resume, including a listing and description of relevant Wesleyan coursework or other experiences

  3. The name of one faculty member who can serve as a reference for you and for your project

Applications should be submitted by email to Professor Laura Ann Twagira in the Department of History (