Updated Cap and Gown Ordering Information

Please note the following changes

  • Ship to Bookstore ordering has been disabled on the Oak Hall web site as of March 13th for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Ship to Bookstore orders that have already been placed will be on hold until March 31st (pending further instructions from the university).
  • Students who want to cancel a Ship to Bookstore order for any reason may call Oak Hall directly to cancel the order and get a refund (800-456-7623). This must be done by Monday, March 30th. Oak Hall staff is very friendly and accommodating by phone. Students should give them either their order # or name and remind them they’re graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.
  • Undergraduates who want to place a Ship to Home order will be able to place an order until May 1st. The Oak Hall website will be available for this type of ordering on Saturday, March 14th.
  • Undergraduates who want to cancel a Ship to Bookstore order and then place a Ship to Home order should: #1) Call Oak Hall to cancel their current order (800-456-7623); #2 Go on line to place the Ship to Home
  • Master’s and PHD candidates will still be able to place Ship to Home orders until May 10th.

For more information, please contact Paula Page at the Bookstore.