Space Still Available in Summer Session PSYC 200

PSYC 200: Statistics: An Activity-Based Approach

MTWRF. 09:00AM-10:40AM, BOGH114

This five-week course is an introductory-level statistics course for students interested in conducting psychological research and/or considering a psychology or neuroscience undergraduate major. The course will introduce the concepts and methods most commonly used in the analysis of quantitative data in psychological research such as behavioral experiments and life observations. Lectures will be provided to introduce the concepts and/or mathematical procedures of the core statistical topics and methods, including descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation, simple regression and nonparametric tests such as chi-square tests. The course will emphasize activity-based learning by engaging students into practices of statistical methods and analysis procedure using statistical software for social sciences and task-based problem solving activities. The course will also include periodical reviews and unit tests to consolidate learning. Performance will be assessed using homework assignments, projects, and tests with objective problem items and objective scoring guides. To register, the prerequisite of other coursework (e.g., Psyc105) as a requirement for eligibility to enroll in my course section will be waived.

Please contact Dr. Chenmu “Julia” Xing at if you have any questions.