Special Dance Offerings Spring 2019

DANC251.01 (.5 credit).  Javanese Dance  (Dance/Southeast Asian Studies Certificate) no prerequisites.  
Instruction in the classical dance of central Java will begin with the basic movement vocabulary and proceed to the study of dance repertoires. At the end of the semester, an informal recital will be arranged with the accompaniment of live gamelan music. Emphasis is on the female style.

DANC378 (1 credit).  Repertory and Performance: Understanding migration/immigration through performance  (Dance/Queer Studies Cluster) no prerequisites
This course examines choreography and its performance as an embodied experience. Students will research a theme-specific topic and participate in the creation of a contemporary work under the direction, guidance, and mentorship of a faculty choreographer. The class will serve as a laboratory for experimenting with the performance techniques and evolving methodologies of the teaching artist, preparing the student for the practice of embodied research. The work will use video projections. The course culminates in the performance of the work developed during the semester of study.

DANC300 (.5 credit).  Contemporary Dance Technique 
Drawing on multiple approaches to dance techniques and the moving body, this course will build on capacities developed in Contemporary Dance 1. Students will be encouraged to cultivate greater awareness of space, time, rhythm, corporal navigation and energy, as well as a wider range of dynamic variation and more sophisticated understanding of kinetic alignment.