Seats Available in “Allegory and Devotion in Medieval and Renaissance Music”

MUSC 241
Professor Jane Alden
Music Studios 210
MW 2:50-4:10

Employing approaches as diverse as the music it celebrates, MUSC 241 investigates the theories and sounds of medieval and Renaissance musicians. It addresses a broad spectrum of issues, such as the status of musicians, the politics of religion, experimentation, and the construction of alternative identities. It balances overarching narratives with extensive profiles on some of history’s most creative musicians and their lasting influence.

It’s not too late to join! MUSC 241 usually fulfills a Hist/Culture requirement for the Music major, but I can adjust the assignments if you would rather it fulfill a Theory or even a MUSC 300 seminar requirement for the major. MUSC 241 can also accommodate students in other majors, looking for another Arts and Humanities credit at the 200 level.