New DANC Course: Site-Specific Choreography

DANC 371
Professor Pedro Alejandro
TR 2:50-4:20

This course addresses the construction of contemporary performance in alternative, nontheatrical spaces. Students will create, design, and structure movement and image metaphors; design and realize scenic objects; and integrate technologies that enhance performance at large. Daily practice will focus on developing compositional tools to trigger events, to set off the performance space, and to create optimal conditions for audience and performer participation. Skills in movement observation, critical reading, and video analysis will inform the course’s practical and historical frameworks. Student’s from all divisions are encouraged to pursue enrollment in this course.  Students with interests in making performance of any kind and/or analyzing culture from the lenses of “performance” are encouraged to seek enrollment.  All levels of physical skills, training, and abilities welcomed.  If interested, you may show up to the first day of class, or contact the professor via email at