Apply to be on Concert Committee!

Are you interested in music? Concerts? Are you Interested in allocating funds for all concerts on campus (minus Spring Fling)? Then you should apply to be on the Concert Committee!  

The Concert Committee has ONE open spot to fill reserved for a first year student.

To apply, please answer the following questions and send your answers to Lucas, Lisa, and Drew by Thursday, 9/29, at 5:00 pm.

Lucas Hegewisch:
Lisa Rogers:
Drew Trotman:

Interviews will be held on Friday 9/30 between 11am and 2pm. A follow up email will be sent containing a Doodle link with interview slots.


  • Why do you want to be on Concert Committee? 
  • What is the role of Concert Committee?
  • Have you booked any concerts at Wesleyan or elsewhere?
  • What are your other commitments for this academic year (clubs, publications, sports, etc.)?
  • Can you check your email daily (sometimes several times a day)?
  • What is something you felt worked well with this year’s Concert Committee? (returning students only)
  • What is something you disliked about this year’s Concert Committee? (returning students only)
  • What skills will you bring to the Concert Committee?
  • What are your ideas for improving the music scene at Wesleyan?
  • What is the best concert you’ve attended in the past year?
  • What made the experience so memorable?