SPAN 2013: Spanish for Native Speakers

Spanish for Native Speakers
M-W. 2:50-4:10, Fisk 101!wesmaps_page.html?crse=012580&term=1171

Do you speak Spanish at home and with some friends, but feel like there are gaps in your language ability?   SPAN 203 is for you!   

SPAN 203 is designed for heritage speakers of Spanish who feel that they need to gain confidence and ability to take their fluency in Spanish to another level.  In this course you will

  • expand your vocabulary and your understanding of grammar
  • recognize a shared “standard”, while appreciating the many dialects and registers of Spanish
  • work on formal and academic registers
  • develop a critical attitude towards language use and language learning, as well as issues of identity
  • learn strategies for the life-long adventure which is being an educated speaker of a language

 Recognizing that Spanish is an essential element of  the Hispanic identity, as well as an important professional and social asset, SPAN 203 guides students through projects that develop their ability to express themselves in Spanish in a variety of contexts.

The class involves intense reading and writing, presentations, group work, and constant assessment.